For some women, their monthly period is nbd. for others, it is a TOTAL nightmare from cramps, to puking, to bloating, to the costly expenses of monthly products. I too have suffered. The worst parts for me have been aggravating curled-up-in-a-ball-for-hours cramps that eat away at my uterus for three days, and the obnoxious costs to buy tampons/pads. Recently I stopped using tampons because I decided shoving wads of bleached cotton up my who-ha cannot be that good for my body. I also have been meaning to invest in some washable cloth pads.

What I DID finally invest in last month is… drum roll… the DivaCup. I read about it some years ago in the amazing book Cunt (my first feminist literature at the ripe old age of 16… which I highly recommend!!!) and have also gotten rave reviews from friends. It is literally a cup that you insert in your vagina in the morning, and don’t have to remove until the evening. IT DOESN’T EVEN LEAK! Putting it in and taking it out is a bit awkward at first, but once it’s in you forget it’s there. I have worked out with it as well, with no trouble at all. You can even sleep with it in. Personally I prefer to give my Vava a break, which is why I need to invest in some cloth pads… but my lady friends sleep with it in, so it IS possible. You. Are. Saving. A. FORTUNE! It’s $30.00 give or take a buck, and can be bought at most natural food stores and coops. You can search for stores in your neighborhood here or from that same site buy one online.

The next thing I wanted to mention is cramps. Yuck. So what I have experimented with a lot for this is my diet. I have cut out dairy (also for other reasons) and recently have started avoiding soy. My last period was only 3 days (previously 5-7) and my cramps were mild (previously excruciating). One suggested reason why soy contributes to cramps (do not quote me on this) is that it increases the production of estrogen in our bodies, which can lead to more muscle contractions in the uterus. Anyways, it seems to be helping for me! Additionally a friend of mine has a really hard time on her period and uses ground flax seed in her diet to ease the pain. If these options don’t appeal, I suggest dark chocolate, lots of exercise and minimizing red meat and sugar (other than the dark chocolate 😉 ) during your period. OR avoiding the food options all together, invest in a heating pad. This site has a heap of information on natural remedies. GOOD LUCK!

One of the COOLEST things that I have been wanting to invest in is a moon calendar to track my cycle. I read all about it in Cunt and will hopefully be posting about it in the near future, so stay tuned, or even do your own research and make/buy one yourself 🙂

LASTLY for the sexually active women with male partners who DO NOT respond well to hormonal birth control, here is an interesting article I saw that might intrigue you…  CLICK ME

An alternative to birth control and a money saver for those of you in trusting relationships, natural family planning is a really cool and interesting option. It is a bit time consuming though, so it is definitely easier if you are living with your partner. One male friend of mine really enjoyed it because he felt a lot closer to his lover, and a deep appreciation for her body. YOU miss thang, will also probably become more attuned with yourself. Cool stuff.


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  1. Elena! Great post. I have used a DivaCup for a couple years now and love it. I can attest to the comfort, no leakage, and money-saving benefits. And regarding moon calendars: I use Slingshot Organizers ( for my day planners and they have a menstrual calendar, along with other great add-ins – my Slingshot is a wonderfully convenient way of keeping track of my menstrual cycle. You can see the menstrual calendar here:

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